Now You Can Play YouTube Audio In The Background On iOS 13

Now You Can Play YouTube Audio In The Background On iOS 13
YouTube does not allow users to listen to YouTube audio in the background. It puts restrictions on background audio on both its iOS app as well as a mobile website. However, if you are interested in listening to audio coming from a YouTube video in the background while you are using some other app on your iPhone, then there’s a workaround that works on iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.

Best Things

  1. Does not require any third-party app
  2. No need to jailbroken


1. On your ios device open Safari and then the website.
2. Search for the video that you want to play in the background and play it.
3. Then tap on the ‘AA’ button that appears on the left side of the address bar. Now from the popup menu tap on the ‘Request desktop website’ option.
4. Once the desktop version of the YouTube website loads play the video that you want to listen to in the background.
5. As the video starts playing exit the Safari app and return to the home screen.
6. Access the Control Center screen by pulling up from the bottom or on iPhone X or later pulling down from the top right corner of the screen.
7. Finally from the Control Center tap on the play button.
At this point, YouTube audio will start playing in the background while you’re free to do whatever you like on your iPhone. 

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